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Serving the Oilfield and Industrial industry for more than 25 years, Pettigrew Specialty Company, Inc. provides quality equipment and supplies to all their customers locally, nationally and internationally. Our highly experienced staff is ready and willing to answer questions, provide quotes and give recommendations to our customers. Special requests are our "specialty", so if you can't find a product you need, call us and we will help you acquire it. Our pricing is competitive and our inventory is large. Our delivery drivers are on call to get you what you need anytime you need it.




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  1255 Grimmett Drive
P.O. Box 7204
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Established Since 1986
Our business has endured by providing excellent customer service,
maintaining superior inventories and well trained employees that
look forward to serving our customers needs.


Answering Service on Duty 24 Hours
Call +1 (800) 256-6416


Specializing in International Export


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